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Innovation Showroom

The Innovation Showroom at XRCI is a unique customer experience centre where technologies from Xerox’s worldwide research laboratories are showcased in an informal and hands-on environment. At the Innovation Showroom, researchers interact with customers to evaluate interest in new research ideas and gather insight for further research.
The Innovation Showroom at XRCI is like a bridge between research and industry; it meets Xerox’s business objectives by providing a platform for demonstrating emerging technologies in practical business applications to interested customers.

The Innovation Showroom has a three-fold mission:
1. To actively support customer-led innovation
2. To showcase Xerox’s research activities to customers and staff customized in the best possible way
3. To monitor reactions and feedback to new ideas which would pave the way for future research

Road to the future
Technology research is the basis of development at Xerox. Many key research breakthroughs in the past few decades are the result of consistent, world-renown research in different centres of Xerox. Significant among these are computing innovations such as graphical user interfaces (GUIs), the computer mouse and local area networking (LAN). The Innovation Showroom provides the first opportunity to customers to see those ideas that will change the face of technology.

XRCI attempts to better understand the needs of emerging markets and partner with stakeholders to create products and solutions that make a difference. Xerox has a deep understanding of ethnography, and in partnership with other research centres, the research centre aims to innovate for emerging markets and showcase related technologies.

Technologies at the Innovation Showroom
The XRCI Innovation Showroom demonstrates most Xerox Innovation Group technologies through presentations, demonstrations and interactive experiences. If you are interested in any of the following technologies and would like us to demonstrate it for you, please contact us at: