Director's Message

Manish Gupta,Director, XRCI

Welcome to Xerox Research Centre India(XRCI), the youngest research centre at Xerox Corporation and the first of these famed research centres to be based in an emerging market. While Xerox is known for its pioneering work on photocopiers and printers, it is also today a premier services provider. Not only is Xerox the largest provider of managed print services, it is the leading provider of transportation services to governments across the world, a leader in providing business process services for healthcare to state governments and insurance companies and care management solutions to hospitals in the United States, and one of the largest worldwide providers of business process services for customer care.

At XRCI, our mission is to catalyze transformational innovations for our clients and the world. We offer our researchers an opportunity to work on extremely challenging problems in areas like healthcare, transportation, education, and customer care. These problems tend to be highly interdisciplinary in nature, and we bring researchers with expertise in diverse areas like machine learning, video, speech and text analytics, algorithms and optimizations, mobile, distributed computing, ethnography and design together to come up with new solutions that advance the state of the art. We encourage our researchers to publish papers in leading conferences and journals, collaborate with academia, and to be active members of the research community.

We regard the entire world as our playing field, but also have a special focus on addressing the unique challenges facing emerging markets like India. We see healthcare providers trying to reach underserved regions and trying to improve the quality of healthcare by utilizing information technology. We see crowded cities where authorities need to find ways of reducing the tedium in basic tasks like a daily commute to work for their citizens. We see a growing wave of young people entering the workforce who need to be well educated and given the right skills. In these challenges, we see amazing opportunities for world class research that enables our clients to touch the lives of real people. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey.